Umm this Amber Cole Situation…

Hmm so like…this Amber Cole situation. I really stumbled upon the whole thing, but honestly, what does everyone think? In my honest opinion, I think it’s wrong and also think that people blew it out of proportion. Yes, she’s 14, but there are plenty others out there doing the exact same thing. They say she’s suffering from cyber bullying from kids as well as adults. Well…NEWS FLASH adults, I bet a lot of your daughters are doing the exact same thing at a lot younger age than you think. And the kids…the same ones who say something are the same ones who go out and do it. I could care less about it all but really, it’s not that big a deal. People make mistakes. She made one and the person recording it just temporarily ruined her little life. But honestly, if she’s that hurt by it, why did she broadcast her Twitter account and make a Facebook fan page? I’m just saying…seems like she wants the attention. Kids these days man. Adults too. WTF PPL?!

  1. my-life-k answered: Who does that behind a school and in public? She has all the blame.
  2. dakeriyahlyndon answered:
  3. ohsnapitsjuzdin answered: We live in a corrupt world.
  4. cutie-on-deck answered: i agree wit u i didnt even c the video but all day ppl been sayng im that boy in the video or can u crank that amber cole no were i can find
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